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Good races’ patchwork Duranti...thanks!!
I think I explained somewere inside Forum the GB1 evolution during the only one season it raced:
-On the first 2 races the engine was exactly in “Africa Version”…means with Mikuni depression carburators and power was just little bit higher than 72 Hp…the power expressed on the RC750 African Rally machines; it was just due to no filter in the air box.
-On the third race Bimota equipped the engine with Kehin FCR carbs and power went up some HP more
-On the last race the engine was finally equipped with Fuel Injection system ( a TDD system based on the system Bimota was using at that time on their Ducati based vehicle, the Tesi!) and, even though the EFI setting on that engine was only started, they overcome the 80 HP barrier…and finally Galasso was able to beat Lucchiari with the Ducati Supermono 550…the vehicle which dominated that season.
For a complete truth’s respect, we have to remember that on the last race Lucchiari raced in a not perfect physical condition, due to a fall occurred on the Superbike race in the same day, but from the 42 seconds Galasso payed him on the first race…..the 22 seconds gained on the last one it’s a real big step up!!!
 According to Mr. Pierluigi Marconi (at that time Bimota’s Technical Director) comments, when the material come back from Bimota to Velate (the agreement taken between Bimota and Piaggio was ended…that’s way they sent back the material) at the end of 1994 season, during the bench test the 750 engines was not showing yet his  limits: as more they was able to improve the intake charge…as more the engine was loading up the bench gauge and revving more and was not showing any condition close to a treshold!
That means that the head’s design would have accepted more “meal” increasing output and rev trend!!!
Of course the real limit would have been the mechanical one ( maybe conroad or crankcase would have started to breack!!)…but Marconi’s feeling was that thermodynamic limit of that engine was  still very far!!!
Unfortunately…no one would never discover that limit!!!!

Good evening Romolo,
Thank you for the fantastic information on the GB1 development, much if this info is brand new to me, this is like Christmas!!!

I might be the biggest GB1 fan on the planet, I've spent every year since 1993 collecting info on the GB1, but it is sadly very limited, and magazines only tell a tiny bit of the story!
In 2009 I visited the Piaggio Museum and was able to see both the GB1 and RC750R in real life, and it was like meeting old friends, truly wonderful to say the least  :smiley:

Mr. Marconi did an absolute fantastic job on the design of the GB1, also the integration of the RC750R engine into that very small bike, but when you study the design it is a match made in heaven (or Italy I should say)! To me the GB1 and RC750R are the finest bikes ever made, and still to this day whenever I see new information regarding these bikes, it gives that special warm feeling in my heart!  :smiley:

For fans of the GB1!  :smiley:

Interesting stories and nice pictures, thanks a lot :laugh:


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